Topic sentences are the starting lines of a paragraph. They provide a summary of the content of the paragraph. Every paragraph of an essay or a research paper needs a separate topic sentence. Therefore, a topic sentence is used by the writer to help me write my paper and introduce the paragraph to the reader. The topic sentences are the most-read lines of the lengthier essays and research papers. Therefore, it can make or break the first impression of your paper or essay.

This function makes a topic sentence the most essential part of an essay. Usually, readers do not spend time reading lengthy paragraphs, in case they have to read many more papers. Therefore, they try to get an overview of the whole paragraph from the first lines.

These should prove to be a "hook" to catch readers so that they want to keep reading the paragraph. Writing a perfect topic sentence might prove to be challenging and stressful. Therefore, you can hire an expert essay writer free to help you with your essay. But, if you’d prefer to do it yourself, here are some useful tricks to help you in writing strong topic sentences.

The body paragraphs must be connected to the thesis statement. Therefore, a thesis statement helps to avoid distractions when it comes to write my essay in 1 hour and focusing and structuring your topic development. It will assist you in formulating perfect topic sentences that follow the thesis statement.

For example, let’s suppose your thesis statement mentions the creation of social issues due to the essay writer website. So, the topic sentences must also be focused on the social aspect of drug addiction, rather than health issues caused due to drug addiction. Let's take the previously-mentioned example of the creation of social issues due to drug addiction. For instance, if one topic sentence is covering the social isolation aspect, the next topic sentence should be focused on social behavior. This practice will help you in writing strong topic sentences.

Your topic sentence should not be confusing. Your topic sentence and the content of the paragraph should not be mismatched. For instance, if a topic sentence is mentioning the economic issues of a country, then your paragraph content must also be focused on supporting the topic sentence. Your topic sentence must be debatable. It should not be stating some facts or universal truths. For instance, this is not a strong topic sentence:

The first line should be an arguable topic sentence. The next lines should be aimed at providing evidence to support write my essay for me. The next lines should be the analysis of the evidence provided. While the last lines should re-define the topic sentences. Thus, it can be concluded that a strong topic sentence outlines your whole paragraph.

These are the two basic components of a topic sentence. A stronger topic sentence is incomplete without these components. If you’re in doubt, you can always ask an expert, “can you write my paper free?” if you are not able to write it. Therefore, avoid all such errors as your essay greatly depends on your topic sentences.

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